Friday, October 25, 2013

First comes love, then comes marriage.....

Wow. Can you say, "It's been too long!!" Because seriously, it has been TOO long. No worries, I have written down my log in and password, so hopefully that will never happen again...

Some updates...

For starters, Blake and I have celebrated our one year anniversary. It's so crazy! I can't believe it's already been a year!

Second of all, I'm pregnant! Ah! It's so crazy to think about it, but it's true! So, I'll just dedicate this blog post to tell the story of how we found out.

Long story short of how I found out, I took 3 test and decided by the 3rd one that I better believe it.
"How in the world and I going to tell Blake?" That's all I thought about for the rest of the day (it was Friday afternoon.) I always thought that I would tell him in some sweet way. You know, something off of Pinterest. Well, no. I got home and went to bed to lay down. Blake was getting ready for date night, so I decided I'd take a quick nap before we left (something I had just started that week. I'm not a nap person.) Well, he came over to me and started tickling me. We were laughing and joking and BOOM! It hit me, people! Within 3 seconds, I went from laughing to crying my eyes out. Blake freaked out - jumped back and kept asking what was wrong. Finally, I got the words out. Those 4 words every girl dreams of saying. "I think I'm pregnant." And the rest, as they say, is history. 

15 weeks pregnant

So, I'm 16 weeks pregnant today, feeling great, and so happy. Blake and I saw the doctor yesterday. I've only gained 2-3 pounds each month (total of 8 pounds, so I'm on the right path! Woohoo!) Our baby has a strong heartbeat. It was anywhere from 130 to 150 yesterday. It was all over the place. The doctor said, "That sounds like a boy to me!" We'll find out on November 23rd! Woohoo!

The end for tonight :)