Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Get Excited...Really Excited!

Ok, guys. I have some big(ish) news!! I've had a few friends who have been begging me to make hair tutorials. I haven't been motivated to do it, but I'm going to make myself motivated. Why? Because I said so!

Have you all heard of the blog "My Yellow Sandbox" or "Twist Me Pretty?" This lady is adorable and amazing. (She has the cutest kids, too!) I'm sure you've all seen her "30 Hairstyles/30 Days." If you haven't, check it out! You won't be disappointed! Anyway, I found her a couple years ago and have loved her ever since. I learned how to do my hair in so many different styles because of her. My only problem is that I just don't make the time to do anything. (Also, I have a bad neck, so I can't do too much with my hair. Excuses excuses, I know...but seriously.)

Here's the exciting news!! Starting on Sunday (the 3rd), I'm going to do 20 hairstyles in 20 days. I am SO pumped! I was going to do 30, but I think it would definitely be best if I only did 20 for right now. Wish me luck! I'm going to take the next 3 days to plan my hairstyles. If you all have any requests, let me know!


  1. So excited! You always have the prettiest hair!

  2. Thank you, Bekah! I haven't been trying at all lately, so I'm super excited too :)