Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hair, Hair, and More Hair

I love hair. I love doing hair. I love learning how to do hair. I have a terrible neck, so spending time doing hair on myself is ridiculous because it will be down in 4 hours. However, I love to do hair for my friends/family. Here's some of my favorites:

1. One of my very best friends has a precious daughter who has amazing hair! I used to be her teacher at a daycare I worked at for 8 years in Oklahoma (I would still be working there if I hadn't moved 12 hours away...) I loved playing with her hair. This is an upside down french braid. It's so pretty for little girls, or at least it is to me!

2. A waterfall braid. This is one of my first attempts at it. A friend's friend saw some pictures on my Facebook and asked me to do her hair for prom. I was scared! But I think it came out great!

3. Messy bun. One of my favorites. Easy, simple, and fun. 'Nuff said.

4. Well, technically not a hairstyle, but this is what I do most days. Pop some of those bad boys in my hair (those bad boys would be hot curling sticks), drive to work, and take them out before I walk in. Talk about easy - this is the easiest! And it looks like I actually tried!

5. Soft curls with cheap wand. (Hoping for a new wand come June!) Something I learned - my wand doesn't curl my hair very well. It's a cheap one from Target. My cousin, who did my wedding hair, taught me to curl my hair with the wand, and while it's still hot, roll the hair up to my head, bobby pin and, and let it sit there for awhile while it cools. Works wonders! Now, my wand is just one piece of the puzzle. I just needed to learn how to finish the puzzle. Whala!

6. My first attempt at a "Katniss Braid." (This was the night after opening night for the 'Hunger Games.' What a wonderful day!)

7. Another upside down french braid done on the same sweet girl as the first one. For this one, I started at her part and went in a circle. I finished it on the opposite side of her head and rolled it up into a tiny bun. It was adorable!

8. Photo Credit: Danae Harris. This is actually a picture of me doing a friend's hair for a wedding we were in. Ha! No further explanation!

9. Photo Credit: Trisha Couch. A photo (at the same wedding as #8) of my best friend and I. I did her hair for her wedding. It turned out amazing! I was so proud of it! You can't really see it, but it's there. My work. My art. (Ok, I'm done bragging.) I also did my own hair. A simple side, curly, messy bun. (Oh, and that dress I'm wearing - made by myself with a lot of help from a sweet lady.)

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