Monday, February 25, 2013

"It's Electrifyin'!"

This is totally how I felt this morning.
 Static: v. Annoying, ridiculous, uncalled for. Yes, staticky (I've been debating on whether it's "staticy" or "staticky" because I don't think either of them are really considered a real word, so we're going with "staticky") hair is THE worst. Let me tell you about my night/morning...

I told myself yesterday that I would be going to bed early. Why? Because I woke up at 4:30 yesterday morning and never went back to sleep (Shout out to my parents! Thanks, mom and dad, for that gift!) Anyways, yesterday afternoon, we came home and I began cleaning our house. We have company coming this weekend, and it's the first time that a lot of them have seen our house. I worked all day Saturday trying to get the rest of our decorations up, only to make a huge mess. I ended up sitting down and watching the Oscars, yesterday afternoon, once I was done cleaning the dining and living room and kitchen. Next thing I know, it's 10:30 (so much for going to bed at 9!) So, I went to bed. I'm not sure what time it was when I finally fell asleep.

I woke up this morning, around 1, to my husband screaming. My first instinct was to yell back at him, so I did. Then I heard some gibberish, and I finally realized what was going on. Blake was in the bathroom and he was so sick. Wow, did/do I feel terrible about yelling at him... I got up and scrambled around trying to find him some medicine. (I'll spare the majority of the details...) I went back to bed, and around 4:30, I woke back up when Blake's alarm went off. (He has to be out of the house at 5am everyday this week.) I did go back to sleep today, but when my alarm went off at 6:45, I was NOT ready to get out of bed. Hello, snooze button!

7:10 came and I figured it would be a good time to start getting ready. I got out of the shower, blow dried my hair, and not only did it not want to dry, it didn't want to stay down. Static electricity! My hair was sticking to my face, my clothes, my everything! At this point, it was 7:55, 15 minutes after I was supposed to leave for work. I ran and got the one thing in my house that I have that I know fixes static problems - dryer sheets! Yes, dryer sheets work, people. I'm sure there are beauty products out in the world that fixes static hair problems, but why spend so much money on that when you can buy a huge box of dryer sheets, something almost everyone uses, for $5?! I just rubed it all over my head, and *boom!* It calmed down!

What are some things that you all use when your hair is crazy staticky!

I made a list, for you, of some of the easiest, cheapest ways to control those bad boys (aka - your hairs):

  • dryer sheets
  • lotion (Not a lot! You don't want super nasty, oily hair.) This also helps with those skirts, dresses, or slips that stick to you while your walking around.
  • your every day hair spray
  • rubber combs
  • not wearing rubber-soled shoes
  • baby powder

Oh, I just love the winter time. I love a nice "Einstein head" with extra dry skin!

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