Friday, February 8, 2013

Small Messy Bun Tutorial

Last night, I decided to do a little test run of a hair tutorial - I recorded myself doing a messy bun. I learned a couple of things about myself: 1. I talk through my nose. 2. I am a little corny. Instead of publishing that awful video I recorded, I made Blake get out of bed to take pictures of me. I'm such a kind wife!

(Note to self: Wear a nice shirt - not an old high school shirt. Also, do hair tutorials after a shower - not when hair is like a stick and won't cooperate. Oh, and stay away from the light switch.)

You may be thinking, "Wow! Her hair is so long!" Well, I've never cut it. Ever. Since my hair is so long, and I was wanting a simple, small, messy bun, I did two "half ponytails." You can do however many you want! Oh, and the second to the last picture is me putting bobby pins into my hair. I just grab wads of hair and then stick a bobby pin in. This hairstyle is so fast and easy - I love it.

I hope this was helpful. Since it's my first one, please don't be harsh, but let me know your thoughts! How to improve and whatnot!


  1. I tried this one today. Doesn't look as good as yours, but I'll keep practicing! Am I correct in thinking that after you pull the hair thru the last time, you're supposed to have enough on the top side of the hair band to flop back over it and cover the band?

  2. I wat to try this. But my hair isn't as long as yours:(